Happy 3rd Birthday Imogen!

Immy turned 3 last June 21st 2017. Everyone enjoyed the party we had at Run Plus Fun. This time she somewhat understood what birthdays meant and started saying Happy Birthday Immy! She knew there had to be balloons, cakes, and the playgroup. She loved the Peppa Pig theme!


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A Two Year Old Talks A Lot

These are highlights from the last three months when Immy’s language skills just started to explode. These days she speaks in full sentences and knows when to say them such as when I am taking a long time shopping, she would say “Time to go home now”…lol!

These are the things I can remember and they span about three months so some are outdated but funny anyhow.

She refers to an elevator as alligator

Turned a block with a 9 instead of 6 and then 9 again

She likes Mikouse

Favorite food “Tinola” with spinach and papaya. Red or white “ghatti”. Strawberries, yogurt, bananas, all berries. She eats most things but starting to have preferences to pasta, cheese, and fruit. I started to chop the veggies smaller so they blend in.

She knows colors, shapes, and counts up to 20. She reads all the letters and numbers she sees out there – on your shirt, on the walls
She likes to ask “what color is this?” “what’s this?”

Nap time story is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Bed time stories – Goodnight Moon, Going to Bed book.

She loves swimming and would say swimming whenever she sees her swimsuit. She enjoys baths, fountains, and splash pads.

She says “I love you” first thing in the morning. Then she started saying “I lobby” for fun.

She says “call lolo” when I pick up the phone.

We Google Hangouts with Tito Francis and first thing she said was “I love you”.

She naps for 2 hours and sleeps 11 to 12 hours at night. She needs to be tired to nap.

She likes to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Rain Rain Go Away, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, Five Little Monkeys.

We read 28 books together for the library summer reading program!!! Speaking of library, she moved on from “Fun for Ones” to “Twos Together”.

She loves her stuffed black dog from Grandma and takes it with her for nap time.

She recites the bedtime routine such as: change diaper, bath time, and put snuggie on.

She knows upside down she learned it from Elmo.

She was able to say Happy Birthday Tito Eric.

She is learning a lot of new words including combine harvester, rhombus, budgerigar.

When she’s hungry she will say “Are you hungry?” and now learned to say “I’m hungry”

When she’s done eating she will say “are you all done?”.

She knows how to operate the tablet and go to YouTube video of Johny Johny Yes Papa. She can recite the whole thing. She loves to dance as well. Dancing to “Sweet Caroline” and “Hooked on a Feeling”, and any upbeat song.

We went to the zoo recently and she identified most of the animals. It is so much fun to watch her grow and learn!

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Imogen’s 2nd Birthday Party

Immy turned two in June. We had a small party with family and friends at Francis and Marie’s home in Texas.

We would like to thank Francis and Marie for hosting the party, Sweet Luxe Desserts for the fabulous and delicious cake, handmade tiara by Lola Eva, and catering by Whole Foods Market.

The photo album can be viewed here.

We spent the day of her birthday at the Japanese Garden followed by lunch at Pine Street Market.

Happy Birthday Immy! You are such a blessing to us and we love you!

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Immy is now 20 months old and growing fast. Her language skills have blossomed in the past few months and is now very confident. She loves being around people, especially other kids which she refers to as babies. Here are some of the things I can remember:

She saw on the monster video that they were going to bed and she said “nite nite”.

In the morning I put a clip on my hair and she said “pretty”.

We were in the office and the monitor went blank and she said “off”.

She sings along “I see trees…” when I open the What a Wonderful World book. She LOVES this book because I sing it to her and the illustration is cool.

She likes to say “what?”, “not much”

She loves Elmo and recognizes Hello Kitty on her milk cup.

She sings along aaaa apple, bbbbb bus then adds iiiii Immy.

She grabbed my phone once and the screen won’t come on when she pushed the button so she attempted to plug the charger in.

She sent greetings to Tito Francis “Ha-ppy B-day Tito ?”. She didn’t know how to say Francis so she didn’t say it.

She thinks it is funny when I talk in Tagalog but she can now say laway.

First thing in the morning she points at my nose and says notse. Then the clock then herself as Immy and me as mommy.

She can finally appreciate her nursery projector.

She likes to sing along a lot of nursery rhymes ABC, eieioh, wawawa the baby on the bus, rollover rollover (monkeys), head shoder…, quack quack, humpty dumpty.

She can say gramma, lolo, lola, Mo-der.

She eats well and even loves spicy food. We give her veggies and protein for every meal. Snacks are yogurt chips and some crackers. She still drinks 16 oz of milk. She likes water but when full, hardly drinks anything.

She sleeps thru the night 11 to 12 hours with 2 to 3 hour naps depending on if she is tired from morning activities.

She loves pretend play, tea party, can identify the veggies in her basket, uses brush for her hair.

I trimmed her bangs and started tying her hair in pony tails.

She can say I yam yu! (I love you!) and likes to play Geek-a-bo!

She likes to push her stroller at the store and when she realized she could not see where she was going, she started pushing from the side.

At Whole Foods, I let her push her own kiddie cart.

She loves strawberries, sweet potatoes especially the purple ones. She always asks for “cackers” “muk” and “appletauce”.

She enjoys going to the library but instead of following along, she walks around dancing with her own moves.

When she drops something, in an alarming tone will say “a-uh-a-uh-a-uh!”.

She likes to climb on her Daddy’s back or hide behind him.

She loves to give Mulder treats but messes with him and hides it.

Immy got her first passport this month and she is ready for cosmicadventures!

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Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year 2016! This year marks the end of my job at GB as an Engineer and the beginning of something new. I don’t know yet what that looks like but I feel blessed to have this opportunity to spend my days with Immy while working on some projects. In the meantime, I decided to keep my Instagram account updated to document my journey. This blog has been inactive for a while so my hope is that Instagram becomes my new window into the world. Follow me @charlottepdx


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Immy’s First Birthday

We celebrated Immy’s First Birthday today at Kruger’s Farm in Sauvie Island. Everybody had a great time!

Birthday 209 (2)

Check out the entire photo gallery here.

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Happy Easter 2015

The kids like to play together while mommy is cooking.
Immy likes to fly!
Orchard 012e
Family day at Orchard Park

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Imogen’s Ninth Month

We have settled into our new home and are getting into a new routine. Marcel is now working less hours so more time for family fun and school. Here are some of the highlights of the month.
Immy 9 Months- A6000 157
We went out for dinner at La Bottega in Vancouver, WA. She does well when we go out. Just sits in her stroller playing with a toy or watching us.
Sony 118
We got a new camera this month, the Sony a6000. It is bokehlicious! Immy continues to enjoy being on the Jumperoo. It provides endless entertainment.
Sony 017
She likes her high chair and laptop.
Immy 9 Months- A6000 350
We celebrated Daddy’s birthday at Boriken. We ordered the Trifongo with chicken, rice with pigeon peas, empanadas, and guanabana juice.
Sony 053
She still gets fussy sometimes when she is hungry or ready for her nap.
Immy 9 Months- A6000 196
For the most part, she likes to play independently. When she wakes up, she talks to herself, plays with her toys then looks over to see us.
Immy 9 Months- A6000 410
She loves to play with Mulder too but sometimes it’s a bit too much for him…lol
Immy 9 Months- A6000 585
The obligatory birthday pose 🙂

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November was another exciting month as we watch Immy grow each day! To add to this excitement, her cousin Kane arrived on the 11th of November. We are excited that Immy has someone to grow up together with!

We also got a new-to-us Mazda 5 Mini-Van from my parents. They only needed one car and wanted to us to have their van. When I saw a picture of it being loaded on a trailer on Nov 1st, I felt emotional. I know that it has sentimental value for my parents and I think about their generosity and that they are willing to give it to our family. It arrived on Nov 6th and it was a perfect fit for our family 🙂

On the 27th, we met up for dinner with some of my co-workers. She enjoyed it and warmed up to people holding her. I think it is good for her to be exposed to social situations. Here are some other highlights of the month.

Immy 026
Her first “costume”.
5th 033
She likes to laugh a lot.
Thanksgiving 068
Grandma Kathy visited for Thanksgiving. We had a great time cooking, eating, and shopping around. Immy enjoyed playing with her.
Thanksgiving 125
Our delicious Thanksgiving Dinner.
Christmas G12 255
Immy’s first whiff of espresso.

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etsy 062 square
My ETSY shop is now open 🙂 I only have a couple of things there but I am quite proud of them. I designed them from scratch and had my shop technician do the fabrication. Check it out!

Update: I made my first sale on November 14th, only five days after I opened!

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