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Portland Farmers Market @ PSU

At least once a year, we check out the Portland Farmers Market at PSU downtown. This year, we made it early in the season. It was festive to say the least. There was live music, several Portland style food stalls, fresh fruits and vegetables, plants, baked goods, homemade curries, jams, and even ice cream. We […]

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Orenco Station Farmers Market

‘Tis the season for Farmers Markets and in Oregon, they are found everywhere. I made my first trip last Sunday to the Orenco Station Farmers Market. It is relatively small but still had a good selection. There were a lot of flowers, herbs, and vegetable starters as well as gourmet food selections, artisan breads, cheesecakes, […]

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Kelly Point and Chimney Park

It turned out to be a nice day despite the forecasted rain today. Like most weekends, we chose an activity we can enjoy with Mulder. We read about Kelly Point Park from the Portland Monthly magazine. It was an easy drive to North Portland across St. Jonh’s Bridge. The Columbia and Wilamette Rivers meet on […]

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Portland, A Culinary Hotspot

Many things have been said about the emerging culinary hotspot that Portland is becoming. As a matter of fact, it was named “Most Delicious Destination” by the Food Network in 2007. No matter what they say, the locals know and taste it all the time. We’ve had our share of good tastes in the last […]

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Congratulations “Fox” Mulder, The Dog

Sunday was a big day for Mulder. He graduated from the Beginner Obedience Training class from PetSmart. He has learned a lot of basic commands as well as a few tricks such as rollover and shake hands. In many ways, it was a training class for us too. We learned a lot about dog behavior, […]

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UFO Fest, Bald Peak at 90+ Degrees

Following a couple of days of heat is another hot day in Portland. I don’t mind the heat too much. I’d rather be warm than cold. After searching online for local events, we finally decided to check out the UFO Fest in McMinnville. McMinnville is a small town in the SW, known for its wineries. Apparently […]

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Star Struck in Hillsboro

As we were shopping tonight at Michael’s, Marcel and I saw Amy of Little People, Big World. We said “Hi! ‘Love the show”. She was nice. I really do love the show for several reasons. For one, they live in Oregon, just a few miles west of where we live. More importantly, it is very […]

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My Expanded Vegetable Garden

Today, Marcel decided that we needed more vegetables than just tomatoes and basil. With Mulder in tow, we ran to the garden center at the Home Depot. We were fortunate enough to find some organic plants namely anaheim pepper, jalapeno pepper, and early girl tomato as well as herbs peppermint, cilantro and even picked up […]

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My First Vegetable “Garden”

I’ve always wanted a vegetable garden but never had the space for one until this season. Unfortunately, I will have to be more creative to keep Mulder and my plants away from each other. I could either enclose an area with a fence or use containers in the front yard. After doing extensive research, I […]

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