Congratulations “Fox” Mulder, The Dog

grad Sunday was a big day for Mulder. He graduated from the Beginner Obedience Training class from PetSmart. He has learned a lot of basic commands as well as a few tricks such as rollover and shake hands. In many ways, it was a training class for us too. We learned a lot about dog behavior, being a leader as well as taking care of a Dog. We still have a long way to go as he still has the “nipping” habit and overall playful attitude. The walks have been better especially now that we have the harness. He is growing very quickly and it shows in his change of personality. He is a healthy little big doggie weighing in at 62 lbs. Sometimes he would just sit outside and watch the birds. He has been better with his friend Ramsey, an Alaskan Malamute from across the street. I never thought having a dog could be so much fun. Mulder is the best doggie ever.

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