Kelly Point and Chimney Park

kelly It turned out to be a nice day despite the forecasted rain today. Like most weekends, we chose an activity we can enjoy with Mulder. We read about Kelly Point Park from the Portland Monthly magazine. It was an easy drive to North Portland across St. Jonh’s Bridge. The Columbia and Wilamette Rivers meet on the NE corner of the park. The hike was easy on a mostly-paved trail. It was very dog-friendly and as a matter of fact almost every group we saw on the trail had a dog or two. There were nice views of the rivers. A few people were fishing but did not look like they were having any bites. Mulder likes the outdoors so he really enjoyed this excursion.
Since we were in that area, we stopped at the Chimney Park. The park had a couple of off-leash areas but at first there were only 2 other dogs there. The first one we met looked like a Labradoodle. Mulder liked playing with him but after a while he got too excited so his owner decided it was time to leave. Later on we met Molly, a Golden Retriever Poodle Mix. She was very friendly and just playing nice with Mulder. Later on came a black Lab and 2 Hound Dogs, one mixed with a Beagle. Very well-mannered, something we want Mulder to learn. Soon Mulder was getting very tired so we headed home. He had a long day and was ready for a nap.

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