My Expanded Vegetable Garden

container Today, Marcel decided that we needed more vegetables than just tomatoes and basil. With Mulder in tow, we ran to the garden center at the Home Depot. We were fortunate enough to find some organic plants namely anaheim pepper, jalapeno pepper, and early girl tomato as well as herbs peppermint, cilantro and even picked up a pot of strawberry plant. I spent the rest of the sunny afternoon transplanting everything to larger containers except for the strawberry plant which I planted on the ground. To keep Mulder busy, Marcel took him to the Hondo Dog Park. Eventually, I would like to get into Square Foot Gardening. If only I can separate an area in the backyard to keep Mulder away, my garden would be more bountiful. Anyhow, I still felt very accomplished this weekend. I’m looking forward to a delicious summer.

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