My First Vegetable “Garden”

earthbox I’ve always wanted a vegetable garden but never had the space for one until this season. Unfortunately, I will have to be more creative to keep Mulder and my plants away from each other. I could either enclose an area with a fence or use containers in the front yard. After doing extensive research, I decided to get an earthbox.
It was more than I wanted to spend at $50 but if it works as promised, I would consider that money well spent. Armed with the information happily shared by the guys at Seven Dees, I started with the earthbox package, added organic potting mix and planted 2 different kinds of tomatoes, Roma and Cherry. I added some sweet basil to complement the two. Overnight temperatures have been hovering at around mid-40s but for convenience, I opted to just leave them out full time. Today the sun is shining brightly on them. I am looking forward to a bountiful harvest this summer and maybe add to my collection in the next few weeks.

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