Portland, A Culinary Hotspot

broder Many things have been said about the emerging culinary hotspot that Portland is becoming. As a matter of fact, it was named “Most Delicious Destination” by the Food Network in 2007. No matter what they say, the locals know and taste it all the time. We’ve had our share of good tastes in the last year that we have lived here. I can almost say it is hard to find bad food here. Now in the ‘burbs…that’s another story. A few of my favorites are: Bistro Montage, a Cajun style casual restaurant, Typhoon, a classic Thai hub, Pho Van, an upgraded (not necessarily upscale) Vietnamese House and of course Ken’s Artisan Pizza. Ken’s could easily compete with some of the pies we’ve had all over Italy – but in a Portland kind of way. That’s the good thing about Portland. Everything is unique and independent of a trend or flavor. It’s just…always good. A few others are also good but did not make my list for one reason or another. Jake’s Famous Crawfish is great but for the most part, I am not willing to pay for their name and ambience. The same goes with Hall Street Grill. I just want fresh seafood cooked right combined with decent service. Thai Orchid is also good but in an everyday-Thai-food kind of way. Thai food is so popular here, you can actually distinguish one from another. Pok Pok is another good one but I could have chosen a better entree the one time we were there. However, I still think they are good. I just need to go again. One suburban gem is the Syun Izakaya, technically a Japanese pub but also serves authentic Japanese food. Broder is a recent discovery. Just like in Scandinavia, you can get a good brunch spread here. Recenlty recommended by a friend are: Clay’s Smokehouse, Lauro Kitchen and Vindalho. What makes these places great is they strive to serve local, seasonal and even organic food. The weather here is ideal for growing a variety of produce. Even the meats are usually from local farms. This is what inspired me to grow my own vegetable garden.

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