Fishing at Hagg Lake

haggfish It may be true that the third time is a charm. Last Saturday was our third trip to Hagg Lake to go fishing. The last 2 times were on “free fishing” days. Maybe, because we paid for a license this time 🙂 It did not take long before Marcel hooked a 16″ trout using a worm. Live bait almost never fails. The day started slow since we were a group of 8 people trying to have a picnic with little planning. Joanna organized it but the last time we were together was back in April when we had a BBQ potluck at our home. We got to the lake at around 2pm and as expected all the good spots were taken. The three guys Marcel, Greg and John scoped out the other areas and finally found a shaded picnic table. Shortly after, we were cooking. We had hamburgers, turkey burgers, turkey and pork hot dogs (not to be confused with Mulder, the Dog) and even Vegan hot dogs! Of course, we had the usual condiments – chips, fruit, salad and beverages. Of the 10 years I’ve lived in the States, I’ve only gone to a picnic once and this is the second time. This is not counting the company picnics. It was really fun, although, I personally would have opted for a different menu, I went with the all American theme and still had fun. Mulder had fun swimming too or so we thought. At first, he was scared so Marcel tried to throw him in the water. Later on, he started swimming. I was glad to see that he could swim. I guess all dogs can swim but I wanted to make sure he had the skills. Nobody had more fun that day than Mulder. We’re so glad he could experience all these activities.

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