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ETSY Shop Now Open!

UPDATE 11/23/08: My shop is currently inactive until I can spend more time on making it a real “business”. I will keep you posted. I finally opened my very own ETSY shop. I created a special dog shampoo bar after extensive research. I use it on Mulder and it works great. He smells fresh but not overly fragrant and […]

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Lost Lake, Hood River Harvest Festival, and Korean BBQ

We celebrated my birthday with a trip to Lost Lake. We hiked the 3-mile trail around it with Mulder. It was a beautiful day. The Harvest Festival was going on so we stopped for some freshly-picked apples and pears. All of the above goodies for around $9! The pears were especially delightful 🙂 Lunch was at […]

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Web Updates

Check out the new CALENDAR page! I will try to update it with all our activities and events. I’m excited about growing this site even though right now, there is nobody reading it. I also opened a shop at ETSY which is linked through the SHOP page. ‘Hopefully will have some stuff there soon. Finally, I […]

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Home-Made Bread

I have read so much about the No-Knead Bread that started from a NY Times article so I decided to try it myself. However, months passed and I just could not get myself to do it. One day, JD of Get Rich Slowly, published their version of the bread. GRS has inspired me not only to […]

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Bountiful Harvest

Despite the late arrival of summer, we managed to have a good harvest of cherry, roma and early girl tomatoes, anaheim and jalapeno peppers and even cantaloupe and watermelon. Not bad for first-time gardeners. Next year, we plan to try square-foot gardening. We might even start indoors to extend the season.

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