Christmas Week

I have been looking forward to having some time off since November and now finally it is here. I am now on day 6 of my 9 days of vacation but so far it is not what I hoped it would be. It snowed for most of the week which limited my options. I was able to get out of the house once with Mulder but the tire chain ruined the right hub cap of my car tire. Marcel was also home for a couple of days so I did not get much done while Mulder needs a trip to the Vet for a swollen paw.

I am not complaining. It is always nice to be home rather than at work. Anyway, I am managing to make the most out of it and still accomplished a few of things. I have a new banner in progress. I finally got the (home) office organized – at least my side of it. I sorted and eliminated several(!) months’ worth of paperwork. It is so much easier to work here now. I have also started setting up my craft room (for lack of a better name). It is really the guest room and although we’ve had a few guests this year, it is empty most of the time. What better way to utilize it than to finally have my own personal space?

I also did a lot of cooking, just my staples such as spaghetti di pomodoro, TJ’s four cheese ravioli, red curry chicken and ham for Christmas dinner. I wanted to do some more baking but did not get a chance to buy the ingredients due to the snow. Meanwhile, our neighbors are filling in with gifts of Fudge and Sugar cookies.

Well, three more days…I hope to finish my shelving project in the craft room and maybe even do some farbric shopping in after-Christmas sales.

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