Mulder the Champ



It has been a tough week for Mulder but like a true champ, he emerged victorious with a free satellite dish!

We noticed him limping on Wednesday but thought it was from playing in the snow. By Thursday, his back right paw was swollen. Since it was a holiday, we had to wait until Friday for the next appointment. By this time, it had gotten all the way up to his joint.

The staff at Banfield (Petsmart) was extremely helpful. The Vet analyzed the fluid and concluded that the leg was infected. Today (Saturday), Mulder had to go back for further screening which meant he had to be under general anesthesia. They put an instrument in his leg to probe further but thankfully there was no foreign body. It was not clear what caused it but the Vet drained the fluid and it has alreay improved significantly. He would have to wear the bandage for a few days and take antibiotics. After a long day, he was released with an almost clean bill of health, clean teeth, clipped nails, and to keep him from licking the bandage, a free satellite dish!

The Pet “Insurance” covered most of it so it was not too bad. We pay $30/month for this insurance and ended up paying only 28% of the total cost of treatment.

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