2008 in Review

2008 has  been quite a challenging year for us but good overall.


– Welcomed our new doggie Mulder in January

– Several visitors: my mom, brother Francis, Marcel’s mom and Marcel’s Dad

– A moderately successful vegetable garden

– Re-invented javafoto.com

– Celebrated one year in our new home

-Have met some new good friends

-Started a new financial plan. Established a budget and written goals.

-Kicked up my culinary skills. Learned to make artisan bread, fresh pasta, “perfected” the flan, shiumai, pad thai etc.

-Explored the region: SW to Newport, NE to Multnomah Falls, and NW to Long Beach, WA


– Mulder had a minor operation but all is well and good now.

– I gained significant weight (4%). You bet this will be part of my goals for 2009

-My company downsized and eliminated some positions. Thankfully, mine was not one of them but many other people all over the country found themselves in that situation.

We are full of hope for 2009 and plan to have an even better year 🙂

Marcel details the year in http://www.cosmicadventure.com/blog/

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