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Organics To You

Organics To You was offering a 50% discount to try their service when they were at the Portland Green Show a couple of weeks ago. Normally $33, this box cost us $16.50. What a bargain! We did pay full price ($4.25) for the eggs (farm fresh from Banks, OR) which were not included. We thought we would try it […]

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Weekend Highlights: Nikkor 50mm Lens, New Restaurants, and Unique Animal Expo

Mulder at 17 Months I am finally experimenting with my 50mm lens. It takes good portraits with great lighting. Above is a portrait of Mulder I took this morning. The only drawback is it cannot autofocus on the Nikon D40. We originally bought it for the D70 but that’s gone now so I’ll have to wait […]

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Skin Deep

In an effort to improve my health while also enjoying the outdoors, I started walking during my lunch hour with a friend from work Sokbun. During our walk today, she asked me what sunscreen brand I used.  Well, I use Boots Botanics on and off but mostly off since it is a bit greasy. I usually […]

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Spiky Edge and French Roast

For my brother Francis’ 21st birthday, I am sending him two of his favorite things: Gatsby spiky edge and Portland’s favorite Stumptown coffee. Gatsby is a hair grooming accessory from Japan. It could be hard to find but readily available at my local Japanese grocery store Uwajimaya. I have never tried Stumptown coffee myself but […]

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Da Vinci Chronicles

Yesterday, we went to see the OMSI for the first time. The location on the waterfront with the Esplanade walkway going through it and the building were fabulous. We particularly enjoyed the Da Vinci exhibit. We have seen many of these artworks (replicas) featured in Europe but we got to take a closer look at […]

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