Da Vinci Chronicles

Yesterday, we went to see the OMSI for the first time. The location on the waterfront with the Esplanade walkway going through it and the building were fabulous. We particularly enjoyed the Da Vinci exhibit. We have seen many of these artworks (replicas) featured in Europe but we got to take a closer look at the history behind them. We were also fascinated by his inventions and love of music. He is truly a genius. On the other hand, the OMSI did not have much else to offer for us. A family with kids would definitely get their money’s worth out of the place which was full of hands-on scientific experiments.

Dinner was at the Widmer GastHaus Pub. I had the chicken schnitzel with potato pancakes and Marcel had the chicken pot pie with split pea soup and spaetzle. They were both good but a little on the greasy side. The place was crowded and reminded us of Europe where the tables are cramped. It is actually quite common in Portland because a lot of the restaurants are housed in historic buildings, just like in Europe. We had a great time spending the day in Portland.

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