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In an effort to improve my health while also enjoying the outdoors, I started walking during my lunch hour with a friend from work Sokbun. During our walk today, she asked me what sunscreen brand I used.  Well, I use Boots Botanics on and off but mostly off since it is a bit greasy. I usually mix it with the regular moisturizer that I love and it sort of works. It has been so nice and sunny lately so I think it is time to get back into a regular sunscreen routine. She mentioned “California Baby” was recommended by Skin Deep. This website was created by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to promote awareness of cosmetic safety. I searched the site and found it to be a good resource for both safety and effectiveness. Well, time to get a search party going…


Review: Great rating by EWG except for the lower SPF. I was hoping the lower SPF would make it lighter but it is still thick. Much lighter than the SPF30 but still hard to apply evenly. It seems that this would be typical for non-chemical sunscreen.

Epionce Active Shield Lotion SPF 30+

Review: This one is lighter and spreads evenly but has a greasy feel to it. An hour later, it still felt greasy. I also noticed that the fine lines on my face became more prominent. EWG did not have any ratings for this brand. I got the sample from VanderVeer Center and the “set” of skincare products costs $195 for a six-month supply. I guess it could be worth it if the products work wonders for your skin. It didn’t on mine. I did like their regular moisturizer. It was light and made my skin soft.

I decided that I might be better off to go with a “middle of the road” product so I went for the classic Cetaphil.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF15

Review: A little bit thicker but very similar to Epionce without the greasy feel. It did feel greasy at first but after a few minutes it settled down. Also, I had to make sure my skin was not dry, otherwise, the sunscreen would cake up a little bit in the flaky areas. This is the one I like best so far. I will stick to this for now until a better one comes along. EWG rated it as safe except for the last ingredient Triethanolamine. They also did not like the low SPF but for everyday use, I am not too conercerned. For extended outdoor exposure, I would reach for the Alba sunscreen.

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