Weekend Highlights: Nikkor 50mm Lens, New Restaurants, and Unique Animal Expo

Mulder at 17 months

Mulder at 17 Months

I am finally experimenting with my 50mm lens. It takes good portraits with great lighting. Above is a portrait of Mulder I took this morning. The only drawback is it cannot autofocus on the Nikon D40. We originally bought it for the D70 but that’s gone now so I’ll have to wait until we get another camera. Meanwhile, it works fine with manual focusing.

We “discovered” a couple of local places in our ‘burb. India Direct serves up some nice home-style Indian food.  We picked up a combination plate last Friday. It was good and more than enough for both of us at a reasonable price of $8.99. This place is more of a grocery store but there are tables if you want to dine in. On Saturday, we finally got to try the Tokyo Japanese Restaurant. It was a pleasant surprise to see an authentic place in a suburban shopping mall. Marcel had the mixed tempura while I had the spicy chicken donburi. The lunch menu was extensive and well-priced. Both restaurants are recommended.

We also had a chance to see the Unique Animal Expo. It was just ok and in my opinion, not worth the $8 entrance fee. There were a lot of birds, reptiles, and other rescued wild animals such as the leopard, a porcupine, and a monkey. I was more interested in dogs and while there were a few, I got bored quickly. We ended up going to Petsmart and the Bonnie Hayes Shelter to see more dogs. No, we are not looking for another dog. We just enjoy watching them 🙂

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    We got Barkley at the Bonnie Hayes Animal Shelter. Every once in a while I think about going there, but then I get scared that there might be another dog there that I’d want to adopt. I barely got my husband to accept Barkley. Thank goodness he turned out to be an awesome fit for our family.

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      I like Barkley’s page on you blog. I know what you mean about going to the shelters and wanting to take another dog home. Mulder is a handful at 1 yr 5 mos but he is so much fun!