Report – Organics To You

Filipino Pancit - Not my best version but edible

Almond Blueberry Muffins Made With Free-Range Eggs

Here’s a summary of what we did with all the produce and reviews:

Fruit – green apples were tangy, as well as the pears. The cara cara oranges were sweet!
Baked Potatoes – The potatoes were very good. Smooth, and full of flavor, not gritty like commercial potatoes
Potato Leek Soup – (leeks, potatoes) – 4 servings
Lemongrass Noodles – (carrots, broccoli) – 2 servings – carrots were sweet and juicy
Filipino Pancit / Rice Noodles – 4 servings – carrots, cauliflower and onions
Salads – (romaine lettuce, kale, mushrooms) – 8 servings – romaine lettuce was crisp with a nice flavor
Mushroom Stroganoff – (mushrooms) – 4 servings
Sauteed Kale – salads, added to soups

Beets – I would love to try this Red Beet Ice Cream recipe when I get an ice cream maker.  

Eggs, lemon, onions – of course we used them…

Most of all, we learned to be creative with our recipes and consciously chose to eat more vegetables. It also felt good to eat farm-fresh food in the middle of winter.  Will I use their service again? Very likely but more on as-needed basis. Maybe once a month or every other month in the winter. Meanwhile, I am working on  expanding my recipe collection.

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