June 2009 Garden Project Update

We had a good month of June in the Pacific NW. It cooled down a little bit which was a relief for some of our plants since May brought in a lot of heat. Here are some highlights:

  1. You’ll be amazed at my corn plants! At the end of May, they were about 6 inches tall or so, now they are almost 6 feet tall. No kidding! Most of them have ears now but still small.
  2. All fourteen tomato plants now have little tomatoes, some bigger and starting to turn yellow.
  3. Peppers are fun to watch with all the different shapes and colors.
  4. The pumpkin patch is expanding like crazy. I’m afraid they are going to take over the whole SFG.
  5. Raspberry canes on their first year are producing fruit. Some already turning red.
  6. Sugar snap peas are still going but kind of winding down now with the heat. I think they are spring vegetables.

…and lowlights:

  1. Strawberry season came and went but we only got a handful from about twelve plants. The runners are spreading like wildfire but no fruit. I wonder why. I know some of them are everbearing varieties so maybe the best is yet to come?
  2. July is the start of blueberry season but only one of our plants is producing. I would think that since this is the second year, we’ll have a full yield but not quite.
  3. Cucumbers and melons look healthy but no activity. Now is the time for them to start flowering, right?
  4. Romaine lettuce shot up 2 feet tall. Weird. The outside leaves look ok.
  5. Same with spinach – it shot up 2 feet tall.
  6. Cilantro and chives are drying up. What gives?

All in all, we are very proud of our yield. How rewarding it is to grow your own food! If you have any advice about the above plants, please post a comment. Thanks!

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