Mulder Turns 2!

Today is Mulder’s birthday. I think it is safe to say that he’s fully grown at 75 lbs., although he still acts very much like a puppy. To celebrate, we took him to two of his favorite places PS (code for Petsmart) and HD (Home Depot). A smart doggie, Mulder knows what Petsmart and Home Depot mean so we are careful to talk in “code” to keep him from getting too excited. Other codes include “W” for walk, “DNR” for dinner, although that really sounds similar, and RDY for “Ready”. At the first sign of “W” like putting my shoes on, he would rush to the door and wag his tail at 100 miles per hour. This type of behavior escalates and makes it more difficult to control him outside. Ideally, we would get ready while he is playing in the backyard and once it is time to leave, we would call him in and make him sit by the door as we put the leash on. This makes all the difference. He becomes better behaved and everyone enjoys the outing. Mulder is such a joy!


Before - Looking forward to the day after an outdoor bath


After - Tired and moved his bed to this corner of the living room

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