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Portland Photo Shoot

This is a guest post from Marcel who loves taking night photos. All pictures are unedited.

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Furever Pets

We found Furever Pets in Portland’s NE Broadway neighborhood. The coolest, friendliest pet store ever.

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In Praise of the Library

I did not like reading when I was growing up. No book could hold my attention. However, when I moved to the States, I started reading magazines. Somehow, the combination of text and pictures attracted me. Then I discovered I could read them for free at the library. I went from not reading at all, to magazines, […]

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New Computer

I finally decided on this one. I needed the best bang for the buck. For half the price of  a Mac, better specs than a Dell with the same price, better deal than most name brands, and most of all “instant gratification” at my local store, I felt this was my best option. It has 10 USB […]

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