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I finally decided on this one. I needed the best bang for the buck. For half the price of  a Mac, better specs than a Dell with the same price, better deal than most name brands, and most of all “instant gratification” at my local store, I felt this was my best option. It has 10 USB ports! Maybe they are all like that now but my last one had only 2. Laptops are out since I never used the one I had just last summer. Every time I need a new computer, I consider a Mac but the bottom line is we already have all the software for a PC. I seriously considered the netbooks. They’re so cute and great for travel but I do most of my work at home and I need something that is somewhat heavy duty. Cheers to my new computer!

Gateway Computer

Gateway Computer

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    I love the feeling of getting a new computer. It is like a new relationship, getting to know each other, learning what it can do and how to bring out the best in it. Having the software already is a huge deciding factor. When I got my nice camera, I went with the canon (over nikon) simply because my husband already had old lenses that were canon. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.