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Heinz 57 No More

For a long time we believed that Mulder was a Hound-Mix Dog. That’s what the Shelter Volunteers said and besides he’s got the eyes and ears of one. Strangers would always try to guess what kind of dog he was and the more common guesses were German Shepherd, Rottweiler, and Great Dane because of his […]

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Seed Farm

For about three weeks now, we have been slowly building our seed farm. It is so rewarding to see sprouts come up from the soil 🙂 Most of the seeds were saved from last year’s harvest so we did not have to buy a lot of new ones. GRS has a good article about starting […]

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Salty’s on the Columbia River

For Marcel’s birthday dinner this year, he picked Salty’s. In my opinion the quality of the food was just average but we enjoyed the overall experience. I loved that it felt like we were in a boat. The service was friendly and the location was convenient.

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