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Island Cafe and NW Pet Fair

Island Cafe is listed in Portland Pooch as a dog-friendly restaurant. The set up is like a tiki bar with a nice view of the Columbia River. You can even access it by boat Marcel waiting for fish and chips The view from our table Dog-friendly indeed. Mulder met a new friend Tika. After lunch […]

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Seed Farm Update

Since the beginning of March we have been building up our seed farm. It’s amazing how fast the plants have grown since then. This window is facing North so there’s not a lot of sunlight. The plants are stretching their stems towards the window and it seems to be enough. We found the Bio Dome […]

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Cupcakes and Cookies at Work

Most workplaces are dominated by store-bought cookies, cakes with fake frosting, and greasy donuts. Mine on the other hand is full of homemade goodies that are pretty and delicious! This one was made by the wife of an executive in the company. A vanilla cupcake with coconut flakes and chocolate. One time she made some […]

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