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Hong Kong Style Chow Mein

Lately, I have grown very fond of seafood chow mein, Hong Kong style. The noodles on this dish are pan-fried as opposed to the more common version of stir-fried. To start the weekend off, I made my own version using a recipe from Taste Hong Kong. It was good for the first attempt. However, I […]

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Strawberry Season

We finally got some strawberries from our garden on the third season! I guess it takes a couple of years. I made some strawberry jam using the recipe from Sure Jell. My family was happy to take a few jars home with them.

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Hwy 101

I am currently in Victoria, BC with my parents and brother Francis having a blast! There are so many great photo opportunities here so I think my interest in photography has been revived. In the meantime, here’s a picture I took along Hwy 101.

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Florence, OR was a lot like Newport, OR but smaller. It is less touristy and more charming in my opinion. One thing that I was impressed with was the food culture. It is hard to find good food on the Oregon Coast but Florence had some pretty good restaurants. I highly recommend breakfast or lunch […]

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