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Sunny Yellow

Yellow is a beautiful color but I don’t know how to wear it or even use it as a paint color. I guess I’ve always thought of the color as country style. That is until I found these cute pair of shoes. Wearing them brightens my day 🙂 Want to see more yellow?

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Spaghetti al Pomodoro e Funghi

Spaghetti with tomato sauce and mushrooms…but I like the fancy name better. A simple pasta dish is my ultimate (non-Asian) comfort food. This recipe was inspired by this tiny place in Venice that only had four small tables and no menu to speak of. The cooking area was even smaller than the average Manhattan apartment […]

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This trip was taken last June 12-14, 2010. It was my third trip but my family’s first to Victoria, BC and we had a great time! Most of the pictures were taken by my brother Francis. We started our trip by driving to Port Angeles to catch the Victoria Express. Before we got on the […]

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Today’s Harvest

More raspberries, a few more strawberries, and the first blueberries of the season. Peppers are not too far behind with the first green bell and an Anaheim pepper.

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Pineapple Fried Rice

Fried Rice is one of my favorite things to make at home. This recipe from Thai Table comes fairly close to restaurant quality as long as I use my well-seasoned wok. The best part is I can add my own healthy ingredients such as vegetables, free-range eggs, and shrimp or hormone-free meats. I also added […]

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Marcel has a fascination with Goodwill that sometimes annoys me. However, I must admit we have found some good stuff there. I also like the idea of re-using discarded items. It is environmentally-friendly and buying from Goodwill helps support their mission. Here are just a few of our finds: This console table cost us only […]

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Raspberries Are Here!

We have six raspberry bushes including a couple of special varieties – golden and purple raspberries. Velvety and juicy, what a sweet treat!

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