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Wet Dog Café

After a day spent in Wahkiakum County, we headed to Astoria for dinner. The Wet Dog Café is a dog-friendly restaurant owned by Astoria Brewing Company. We got to try the house-made root beer and strawberry blonde ale. The ale was unfiltered and very tasty with just a hint of strawberry. Picture windows showcase the […]

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I am behind again on my posts so you will see newer ones appear in between older posts. I do this so I can keep an accurate journal of when things happened. We recently celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary at Toro Bravo. Blackberry season took us to Oak Island Nature Trail and  filled our kitchen […]

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Zab Thai

I’ve been ignoring Zab Thai since we already have a few Thai restaurants that we frequent. As I was cleaning my desk, I saw a coupon for $5 fried rice or pad thai. How can I say no to fried rice? So tonight’s dinner is Thai take out. Vegetable fried rice and papaya salad for […]

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Delta Café

Tonight we went to a going away dinner for Marcel’s friend Steve. He is moving to Houston for a job transfer. It was held at the Delta Café in SE Woodstock. It was a nice neighborhood joint full of mostly locals. The kind you can walk to on a weeknight when you just want to […]

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Tiramisu Cake

It was my friend Theresa’s birthday so I made a Tiramisu Cake. I adapted this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Disclaimer: The cake itself was TJ’s vanilla cake mix but I beat the egg whites separately and it made the cake fluffier. It was a success! Between the espresso, chocolate, and rum, it’s hard not to […]

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Oak Island Blackberries

It’s time for our annual blackberry hike. This year, we didn’t actually hike the whole Oak Island Nature Trail. It was a last minute decision and we didn’t even get there until 6pm. The mosquitoes were starting to come out so we went straight for the berries. The best bushes were around the waterfront where […]

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TJ’s Croissants

Light and buttery “homemade” croissants. I found them in the freezer aisle at Trader Joe’s All puffed up after resting on the counter overnight. I left them out longer than what the directions said so they got too airy but still good. The verdict: A good addition to weekend breakfast 🙂

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Hopworks Urban Brewery

It was a typical summer day in Portland and we felt like going out. We always have a hard time agreeing on a place to go but finally selected the HUB. The building was very cool. HUB Sampler Calzone, Nacho Fries, and Walnut Blue Cheese Pear Salad They had a Radler! I “discovered” this drink […]

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Look what we found! While tying up our “wild” tomato plants, we saw that one of our cucumber transplants survived. There is even one cucumber almost ready for harvest 🙂

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Chicken Enchiladas

When Marcel is in the mood for making dinner, I step aside and let him work his magic. He generally does not use recipes but whips something up based on what is available in our garden or refrigerator. This one is a classic and comes out a little bit different every time he makes them. […]

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