Oak Island Blackberries

It’s time for our annual blackberry hike. This year, we didn’t actually hike the whole Oak Island Nature Trail. It was a last minute decision and we didn’t even get there until 6pm. The mosquitoes were starting to come out so we went straight for the berries. The best bushes were around the waterfront where we let Mulder off leash for a little bit. He had a great time running around and eating berries. There was a $7 fee to park at the trail head but for us it was worth it. The taste of wild berries does not compare with store bought ones, even the ones from a local farm. Check out our harvest!

Since I already made some strawberry and blueberry jam, I opted for baked goods this time.

Blackberry Pie using this recipe – easy and virtually foolproof.

Blackberry Squares using this recipe by Joy the Baker.

We had enough berries left for munching the entire week in addition to the ones we ate along the trail 🙂

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