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Euro Trip Collage

Marcel just completed a collage project about our Euro Trip. It looks awesome! He did a good job putting everything together. The center picture is an 8″ x12″ image that he created using a bunch of our pictures then printed at Costco. Click on the image for a better view.

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I always look forward to the change of seasons because nature is so beautiful. Lately though, it seems that the weather cannot decide when it is going to turn. Either way, our fall blossoms decided it was time. Nothing like a burst of red as you walk up the front door!

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Mulder Turns 3!

How time flies! Mulder just turned 3 last September 19th. We’re not really sure about that date (long story) but that was what the paperwork said and the vet confirmed his age by looking at his teeth when we adopted him. Since I was out of town then, we chose to celebrate this weekend. In […]

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Viva Las Vegas!

My brother and his family recently relocated to Las Vegas which makes it much easier for me to visit them. The last time I saw him was in the Philippines about five years ago! He’s now married with children. I took the first chance I got to book a flight to Vegas. The bonus? I’ve […]

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First Tomatoes of the Season

It is now September but if you are growing vegetables in the Pacific NW this summer, you know about the weather conditions we’ve had. While Marcel was staking the numerous (20+) tomato plants in our backyard, he found this cluster of tomatoes! These are “Big” cherry tomatoes from the seeds we saved from our CSA […]

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Sandy Hatchery

The Sandy Hatchery is one of our favorite fishing spots even though we have never caught anything there. It is very accessible from Portland and the scenery is very nice. It gets crowded at times but there is plenty of room for everyone.  Although short, we enjoyed our nice day out today. The weather was […]

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Pomeroy on Iron Chef America

UPDATE – Click here for a good recap of the battle. I just wanted to remind foodies out there that Naomi Pomeroy of Portland’s Beast will be on Iron Chef America this week! Although I have never been to Beast, I’ve heard rave reviews about it. I’m certainly excited to see a Portland chef on […]

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Orcas Island

We had a great labor day weekend vacation exploring the San Juan Islands and the Seattle area! Mulder spent his vacation in a pet hotel for the first time so we were able to do things we would not normally do with him. We saw many things and took lots of pictures. so there will […]

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Wahkiakum County

This road trip is an exploration of SW Washington, just North of the Columbia River. It was a nice change from driving to the Coast or the Gorge. Marcel found this driving tour that outlines the interesting stops. We ended the day with dinner in Astoria. Historic tavern in Cathlamet Cathlamet Saloon Deer at the […]

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