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Quite possibly my longest birthday celebration ever

You might have noticed that I have been scarce around here. It’s because I was celebrating my birthday! It was just going to be the usual dinner out but it turned out to be more. Saturday I have been dreaming of trying out one of the many brunch places featured in the Portland Monthly magazine […]

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Chicken Yakisoba

Pictured here is what I call my “magic wok”. No, it is not burned but seasoned well. You don’t need a wok but it adds a distinct flavor due to the seasoning and high heat. Being Asian, I could never go more than a couple of days without eating Asian-style rice or noodles. I remember […]

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Portland Open Studios

We first heard about Portland Open Studios from the Portland Monthly Magazine. We thought about going but driving around in the rain is not exactly fun. We decided to spend the day doing home projects instead. On our way home from running errands, we spotted a sign in our neighborhood. We walked over to Erika […]

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Late Harvest

Better late than never. This last week of sunny days were good for our tomato plants. Look what we got today! Also made Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs tonight. Recipe adapted loosely from the Food Network

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Greek Festival

One reason we were drawn to Portland was the cultural diversity. The festivals are always fun and we try to go to a few every year. As for the Greek Festival, I only went for one reason – the pastries. The church building was nice. The cultural show was cool. My favorite was the Greek-style […]

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