Apizza Scholls

Half and Half Apizza Amore – ‘Margo’rita plus Hot capicollo (cured pork shoulder) and Tre Colori – Mozzarella (whole milk & fresh), pecorino romano, semi-Dried Tomato & walnut pesto, ricotta & jalapeño. I highly recommend the Tre Colori

After a day of volunteer work at Free Geek, Marcel thoughtfully surprised me with a pizza from Apizza Scholls one evening. Although it was barely warm by the time he got home, it still tasted fantastic. I appreciated the charred crust but thought it was a little bit much on the Margo’rita Plus half of the pie. Marcel thought  this was caused by the oils from the meats on that side causing the crust to cook more. The house-cured pork shoulder was very good, but could have used less salt. I would love to dine in the restaurant sometime when they are not too busy so we can try the pizza hot off the oven.

Ken’s Artisan Pizza is a long-time favorite of ours but we have to eat them on the same day to have a good comparison. On the other hand, it may not be comparing apples to apples as Ken’s is more Napoletana style while Apizza Scholls’ is New York style. I’m all for having variety in the pizza scene.

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