If you like eating out in Portland then you know restaurants get really busy on weekends, at least the good ones. Sometime ago, Marcel was off work on a Monday night and we decided to go to Lorenzo’s for dinner. We were pleasantly surprised by how quiet and relaxing the ambiance was! Since then, we started celebrating events and “feel like eating out” evenings on the day of the occasion which usually falls on a weeknight. Last Thursday Marcel pickedĀ  Acadia, a New Orleans-style bistro in the Fremont neighborhood. Besides, you can’t live life just for the weekends.

Louisiana barbeque shrimp with lemon, black pepper and white wine and butter. The BEST SHRIMP EVER in recent memory. The sampler was compliments of the house for being our first time there.

Green onion hushpuppies with orange-horseradish marmalade

Grilled pork chop with cornbread puree, pecan granola, roasted apples and huckleberry preserves

Red Beans and Rice

Cornmeal fried catfish with braised black kale, crystal hot sauce aioli and hushpuppies

We recommend Acadia for a delicious N’awlins style meal.

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