Dinner At Your Door

Sometime ago, I purchased a Groupon for Dinner At Your Door for half price. I guess it was so popular, we had to wait about 3 months to to be scheduled. We finally got our first of two deliveries this week. It was quite convenient as everything was already cooked and even came in oven-safe glass containers. This week’s selections were:

Sheppard’s Pie GF
Turkey and vegetable pie covered in a polenta crust
Mixed greens with carrots and cucumbers
Roasted root vegetables
Shortbread Cookies

The verdict: We enjoyed the dinner and actually got about 4 meals out of it. A nice change from our regular recipes that we cook at home or take out food. I wish the cookies were more than just 2 bites each 🙁

I believe there are several places that do this service in Portland. I have not tried the other ones but a friend of mine likes Lovejoy Food.

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