Food and More Food

The last few weeks have been filled with food explorations but I have not had time to post about them. Here are a few:

I made some Siopao or Steamed Buns. The recipe was from Asian Dumpling Tips but I used chicken for the filling instead of pork. The bun was awesome but the filling I made left a lot to be desired.

Weekend lunch at Gin Northern Thai food cart. Khao Soi Chicken. Good, fast, and cheap.

I made a Filipino dessert Brazo De Mercedes using a friend’s recipe. This was dairy-free with the filling made of cream of coconut instead of condensed milk. Melt in your mouth goodness.

Weekend lunch at Pho Tango. #23 on the menu. Bright flavors, colorful meal.

I made my own Pad Thai sauce using these ingredients:

1 cup tamarind paste

1 cup palm sugar

1/2 cup fish sauce

I keep the jar in the fridge and it is ready anytime for a quick Pad Thai meal. When I have this, I do not feel the need to grab Thai take out down the street.

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