A Healthier Alternative to TAPSILOG

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day but I don’t usually have time to make anything big. I also try to eat healthier during the week with whole grain oatmeal, fruit, and nuts. I make the oatmeal the night before so I’m ready to go in the morning. On weekends, I take my time to make a delicious meal. One of my favorites from the Philippines is the TAPSILOG, or more specifically the TOCILOG. TAPSILOG is simply a combination of TAPA (preserved beef), SINANGAG (garlic fried rice in this case), and ITLOG (egg). Replacing TAPA is TOCINO which is preserved pork for lack of a better description. Actually, it can be best described as one of the unhealthiest meats ever with high fat content, caramelized in sugar, and colored with annatto seeds for good measure.

My “healthier” version now consists of Turkey Bacon (natural, uncured), Poached Eggs (less oil), and Brown Rice (steamed, not fried). Not the same but it still tastes like comfort food. I usually eat this with hot chocolate and fruit.

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