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Camping at Stub Stewart State Park

We have never tried camping with Mulder so we chose a park that is close by for his first camping trip. We had a great time exploring the area. Unfortunately he did not stay quiet during the night. He barked at every sign of movement or noise. We finally ended up leaving the park at […]

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Garden Project Update July 2011

Better late than never. Summer arrived late this season but our garden is finally in full swing. Yummy raspberries. We have four different kinds. Blueberries are next. Peppers are slow but with warmer weather, they should be blooming soon. Pumpkins are getting ready for a fall harvest. Sweet peas. We made a tasty Thai Red […]

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REI Paddle Demo

REI holds an annual paddle demo where you get to try out several types of equipment for FREE. They make it really easy as you can just walk in to register and they provide everything you need such as life jackets, sandals, kayaks, and paddles.  This year it was held on July 10th at Vancouver […]

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It’s Good To Be Back

After a week long trip to Las Vegas with my family, I was glad to be home. Marcel and I hit a couple of new foodie spots on the way home from the airport. Townshend’s Tea on NE Alberta My favorite Rooibos tea and Chai for Marcel The original Schnitzelwich from Tábor Szekely Goulash Cookie […]

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