Maple Trail

“Start this run from Saltzman Road off the St. Helens highway, U.S. 30. The trailhead is a hike up from the parking area. Take the trail that heads south. The Maple Trail runs gently uphill a couple of miles before crossing Leif Erickson. This route can be turned into a loop, or run as an out-and-speedy-back. This is simply a beautiful run, through big old maples that open to the sky after they shed their leaves. The farther you move from Washington Park, the better the Forest Park trails hold up to fall traffic. This section of the Maple Trail rarely develops bogs, and its surface remains firm even after drenching showers. Even so, the trails in Forest Park come with knobby roots hidden by leaves and slick slopes. Be aware of where you place your feet.

Good maps and info on Forest Park trails are available in “One City’s Wilderness” by Marcy Cottrell Houle, available at bookstores and the Oregon Historical Society; and “Hiking and Running Guide to Forest Park,” a handy 10-map set by the Friends of Forest Park. The guide is available at local outdoors stores and bookstores, or for $21.20 through the Friends, P.O. Box 10934, Portland OR 97296.”

Source: Oregon Live

The trail starts on NW Saltzman Road

It quickly turns into a beautiful thick forest around a narrow trail

View from the top facing Northeast

The trail was blocked by a fallen tree. Mulder was happy to jump over it.

We took the Leif Erickson route on the way back.

A view of North Portland

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