Christmas 2011

Like most people, I have been busy with “Holiday” events and have not had time to post any blogs. Here are a few pictures from this month.

The Filipino community in my workplace had a Christmas party. We had a gift exchange where I brought a Leatherman Multi-Tool and received a nice Jewelry Stand.

Yummy Filipino/Asian food. I don’t make Filipino food that much so this is a dream come true for me 🙂

Filipino desserts – Sapin-Sapin, Leche Flan, Fruit Salad, and my creation Tiramisu Cake


Getting ready to go downtown with Marcel the day before Christmas eve.

Omelet at Bijou Café

Tea at Tea Chai Té


We made a simple Christmas Dinner of Roast Pork, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Green Salad, and Stuffing

Apple Tart

Chad came over to celebrate with us

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