Abby and Ethan’s Corner

With all the technology available today, we are able to stay in touch with family as if we all live in the same town. My nieces and nephews are a source of joy and laughter so I am starting a series to feature them. This is a guest post from my brother Eric who writes about 3-year old Ethan. The artwork above was a masterpiece created by Abby.

Over the years the kids have provided us a hearty laugh over the things that they say or do. Here are some anecdotes I’ve been able to recall. We’ll start with Ethan.  This boy is really something else.

Upon turning 3, Ethan somehow got into thinking that he is more mature than we give him credit for. One day at the local play area another boy referred to him as a “baby”. Ethan with personality that matched his dad, blurted back… “I’m not a baby! I’m a kid!”

One day I asked Ethan “What are you going to do if a bad guy comes into the house?”  Ethan full of confidence stated “I will hit him on the leg with my bat then Abby will come and sing “Do you want to build a snowman…(from the movie Frozen)!”.

Whenever Ethan starts getting tired and ready for bed he would ask his mom to sing.. “Meme na Ethan, Meme na baby boy, Meme na Witheart.” You’d better get it right because he will set you straight!

One day Abby and Mom were having a discussion. Ethan interrupts and says “then you will say Lupra”.   The next most logical question then is… What in the heck is “Lupra”?   Ethan brimming with certainty says “Oh it’s Chinese!”

One day while waiting in the car for mom who was grocery shopping I tried to engage the kids in a conversation to alleviate some of the boredom. I said to them “Mommy is taking too long. Let’s go home”. NO!!! Mommy can’t walk that far!  Said the kids in unison. Ethan still furious that I would even consider leaving mom at the store says “How about you stay here Daddy?” I responded that it’s too far from home. “You can walk Daddy” Ethan says.

One day Abby was whining about something and was getting to be really irritating. It seemed like Ethan was getting irritated as well. Ethan with no warning slaps (gently of course) his sister in the face and says “snap out of it!”   Once we were done laughing we asked him where he learned that. He says “Oh I saw it on the Bee Movie”.

How fun it is to remember these anecdotes as they grow up!

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