A Baby Story

Imogen, Week 1, D90 627
We had just moved into a new house when one day at work I started feeling queasy. I bolted to the bathroom and before I knew it I was throwing up. Everything I ate that morning started flashing in my head but nothing stood out. I rarely get sick from food or otherwise so my first thought was “maybe I’m pregnant” and just laughed it off. I went on to take my morning break with my co-workers but was still feeling queasy. They noticed that I was not feeling well and Genie joked “maybe you’re pregnant”. Later that week on Friday November 1st, I had dinner with my friend Sokbun at Taste of  Sichuan. We had a great time but the thought of being pregnant occupied my mind and I couldn’t wait to do a pregnancy test. On my way home I picked up a kit. I was so anxious to take it but Marcel was still at work. Well I could not wait so I tested and it was (+)!!! I was ecstatic but of course waited to tell Marcel until he got home. He was surprised but cautiously optimistic. The following weekend we went out to dinner with his mom who was in town for work. I was excited to tell her but Marcel thought we should wait. During dinner all I could think about was the pregnancy. At some random moment I just blurted out “I’m pregnant!”. She made a clapping gesture and smiled big. She told me it will all work out and  just don’t think about it. I held onto that advice for the entire pregnancy and it really made a big difference. For the most part, I enjoyed the pregnancy without too much worry.

We decided to keep a low profile to make things easier for us. Most people who are close to us knew but we did not post anything on Facebook. The entire pregnancy was pretty normal with a couple of  close calls towards the end. Even though I passed the 3-hour glucose test, the doctor advised me to watch my diet anyway to avoid developing gestational diabetes. She specifically warned me about eating too much rice and noodles. I was already having a hard time eating so that really made it even harder for me. Very few things were appetizing so I ended up eating a lot of bland food and breakfast type items such as cereal, waffles, and oatmeal. I also had high blood pressure but all other indicators turned out to be normal.

Our friends and family were very excited for us and three groups threw us baby showers – Filipino friends from work, my workplace, and the cake club. We have more stuff than we have room for and gifts are still coming. We were overwhelmed by the love and generosity of everyone.

Imogen, Week 1, D90 497 Cropped
On the morning of summer solstice June 21st, my amniotic sac broke around 5 am. By 7 am, we were at the hospital. The doctor ordered Pitocin to induce labor around 3 pm. By around 6 pm, I got an epidural. I wanted to get it later but the doctor recommended that I get it earlier. She was right because soon after, Imogen was ready to come out. Pushing only took 45 minutes, rare I was told for first time mothers. Immy was born at 8:50 pm weighing 5 pounds, 5 ounces and 19 inches long with a head circumference of 12 inches.

Imogen, Week 1, D90 600As soon as she came out, I sobbed uncontrollably. I cried tears of relief, disbelief, pain, and most of all joy. The moment she was placed on my chest right after the cord was cut is a memory I will never forget. They say it makes it all worth it. They were absolutely right. I just laid there with her trying to process what had just happened. There she was moments after coming out of me. Truly an undeniable miracle. God is amazing. I thank the Lord for this precious gift of a miracle baby. All babies are miracles and God performs them everyday.

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