Imogen’s First Month

Imogen Newborn 029

Our first month with Immy was challenging as expected but it was such a beautiful time getting to know her. It was very rewarding to see her grow day by day.

Our days at the hospital were filled with chaos as nurses and doctors were checking on us around the clock. The good thing is they were always there for us when we did not know what to do. We were just learning how to care for a newborn and I was still trying to process what had just happened. Despite the hard work that my body just went through, I was up and about the day after delivery, even making a solo trip to Target on the fourth day. Amazingly I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight within two weeks. Giving birth gives true meaning to being a co-creator with God and he equips women’s bodies with all that strength.

Imogen Newborn 253
Marcel and I started with a 24 /7 watch when we brought Immy home. She was so small and delicate that we felt like we needed to do that. He would take the evening shift from 9 pm to 2 am while I took the morning shift from 2 am to 9 am. The person off duty got some much needed sleep in the guest bedroom. In reality I barely got any sleep because of constant feeding. I finally got some relief when we supplemented with formula. Marcel was able to feed her while I was sleeping. However, it added extra work for me too I had to make milk and was constantly washing bottles. In addition to that, there was laundry, cleaning, and cooking to do. I really wished we had extra help at that time but we were too busy to even think about it. Originally my mom was going to come but her visit was delayed until August.

Immy Week 3, G12 088
It is true what they say that sometimes you just have to trust your instincts and that advice served us well. We managed to survive the first couple of weeks and on the third week we felt comfortable enough to take Immy to my workplace for everyone to see her. They were very excited as many of my co-workers were already waiting in the lobby when we got there!

Imogen, Week 5, G12 008
When she turned one month old, Tara and Ryan were visiting. We also got a chance to meet Ryan’s parents together with his sister Heather and kids Cameron and Cole. All of us enjoyed afternoon treats and coffee/tea at Petunia’s Bakery.

It was also during this time that we got a video monitor and a bouncy chair. During the day, Immy will sit with us while we cooked and ate lunch. When she was in the crib, we had the monitor on to watch her. In the evenings we watched Breaking Bad on TV. We started feeling normal again.

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