Imogen’s Second Month

Lolo and Lola (my parents) met Immy for the first time on the 2nd day of August. I brought mom some flowers and picked them up at the airport. When mom first saw Immy, she was surprised by how small she was. She was excited to hold her for the first time.
Lola and Lolo 130
The next day, we moved into a new house. We loved the new house. It fits our needs better and it is much more comfortable and family-friendly. Mom and Dad liked the house too. We spent the week cooking, eating, watching movies, going around town but mostly just staying home with Immy. Mom really missed Immy when they left so I started sending pictures and videos on What’s App where the whole family can exchange messages and media.Lola and Lolo 119
It was also around this time when Marcel started a new part-time job in the evenings. Our plan was for him to watch Immy during the day then go to work most nights of the week. This arrangement worked really well for us.
Imogen, Week 5, G12 111
We also got more comfortable taking Immy out. One of those days we spent walking the trail at Commonwealth Lake Park. It was a nice day and it was the first time we felt like a family going out on a typical weekend.
Lola and Lolo 108

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