Imogen’s Third Month

I went back to work on the day after labor day. I had mixed feelings about it. I missed Immy but also glad to be back to a normal routine. I felt like myself again. I would go home during my lunch break to see her and sometimes feed her. Marcel would take a break and walk Mulder. Some days I had to stay at work for lunch meetings but mostly I am able to go home for an hour or so. Marcel continued to work in the evenings after I got home from work.
Imogen D90 Week 10 060
I was also glad to be exchanging harvests again 🙂
S4 268
Immy woke up with a huge smile on the morning of August 31st. That was the beginning of daily smiles from her. She is crying less often, likely because she was feeling confident that her needs would be met whether she was hungry, sleepy, or simply uncomfortable. We received several gift cards and cash which allowed us to buy a rocker, a swing, and a music box among other things to add to her arsenal of baby soothing equipment. She likes the moving mobile and mirror on the swing. It provided entertainment when she got bored. The rocker was good for napping but she still felt more comfortable in the crib.
September 039

September 049
We took Immy to the beach for the first time when Aunt Patti visited on Sept 19th. She did well, just relaxed when awake and slept when tired. We had a great time exploring Cannon Beach and Seaside. Mulder turned 7 that day so we bought him some treats at Puppy Love by the Sea. The next day we explored Portland. It was hot so she slept through most of it. Dinner was at APNA Bazaar. Unfortunately, Immy went on a crying spell in the middle of dinner. We had to pack up our food and headed home which was only a couple of miles away. On Sept 21st, Aunt Patti’s last day in Portland, Immy turned 3 months old. We enjoyed her visit and family time.
G12 40th 042
It seems like it was only yesterday when we took Immy home from the hospital. Look how much she has grown!
September 074

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