Happy Thanksgiving!

November was another exciting month as we watch Immy grow each day! To add to this excitement, her cousin Kane arrived on the 11th of November. We are excited that Immy has someone to grow up together with!

We also got a new-to-us Mazda 5 Mini-Van from my parents. They only needed one car and wanted to us to have their van. When I saw a picture of it being loaded on a trailer on Nov 1st, I felt emotional. I know that it has sentimental value for my parents and I think about their generosity and that they are willing to give it to our family. It arrived on Nov 6th and it was a perfect fit for our family 🙂

On the 27th, we met up for dinner with some of my co-workers. She enjoyed it and warmed up to people holding her. I think it is good for her to be exposed to social situations. Here are some other highlights of the month.

Immy 026
Her first “costume”.
5th 033
She likes to laugh a lot.
Thanksgiving 068
Grandma Kathy visited for Thanksgiving. We had a great time cooking, eating, and shopping around. Immy enjoyed playing with her.
Thanksgiving 125
Our delicious Thanksgiving Dinner.
Christmas G12 255
Immy’s first whiff of espresso.

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