Immy is now 20 months old and growing fast. Her language skills have blossomed in the past few months and is now very confident. She loves being around people, especially other kids which she refers to as babies. Here are some of the things I can remember:

She saw on the monster video that they were going to bed and she said “nite nite”.

In the morning I put a clip on my hair and she said “pretty”.

We were in the office and the monitor went blank and she said “off”.

She sings along “I see trees…” when I open the What a Wonderful World book. She LOVES this book because I sing it to her and the illustration is cool.

She likes to say “what?”, “not much”

She loves Elmo and recognizes Hello Kitty on her milk cup.

She sings along aaaa apple, bbbbb bus then adds iiiii Immy.

She grabbed my phone once and the screen won’t come on when she pushed the button so she attempted to plug the charger in.

She sent greetings to Tito Francis “Ha-ppy B-day Tito ?”. She didn’t know how to say Francis so she didn’t say it.

She thinks it is funny when I talk in Tagalog but she can now say laway.

First thing in the morning she points at my nose and says notse. Then the clock then herself as Immy and me as mommy.

She can finally appreciate her nursery projector.

She likes to sing along a lot of nursery rhymes ABC, eieioh, wawawa the baby on the bus, rollover rollover (monkeys), head shoder…, quack quack, humpty dumpty.

She can say gramma, lolo, lola, Mo-der.

She eats well and even loves spicy food. We give her veggies and protein for every meal. Snacks are yogurt chips and some crackers. She still drinks 16 oz of milk. She likes water but when full, hardly drinks anything.

She sleeps thru the night 11 to 12 hours with 2 to 3 hour naps depending on if she is tired from morning activities.

She loves pretend play, tea party, can identify the veggies in her basket, uses brush for her hair.

I trimmed her bangs and started tying her hair in pony tails.

She can say I yam yu! (I love you!) and likes to play Geek-a-bo!

She likes to push her stroller at the store and when she realized she could not see where she was going, she started pushing from the side.

At Whole Foods, I let her push her own kiddie cart.

She loves strawberries, sweet potatoes especially the purple ones. She always asks for “cackers” “muk” and “appletauce”.

She enjoys going to the library but instead of following along, she walks around dancing with her own moves.

When she drops something, in an alarming tone will say “a-uh-a-uh-a-uh!”.

She likes to climb on her Daddy’s back or hide behind him.

She loves to give Mulder treats but messes with him and hides it.

Immy got her first passport this month and she is ready for cosmicadventures!

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