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Happy 3rd Birthday Imogen!

Immy turned 3 last June 21st 2017. Everyone enjoyed the party we had at Run Plus Fun. This time she somewhat understood what birthdays meant and started saying Happy Birthday Immy! She knew there had to be balloons, cakes, and the playgroup. She loved the Peppa Pig theme!  

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Immy’s First Birthday

We celebrated Immy’s First Birthday today at Kruger’s Farm in Sauvie Island. Everybody had a great time! Check out the entire photo gallery here.

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A Baby Story

We had just moved into a new house when one day at work I started feeling queasy. I bolted to the bathroom and before I knew it I was throwing up. Everything I ate that morning started flashing in my head but nothing stood out. I rarely get sick from food or otherwise so my first thought […]

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May 2012 Part 1

I can’t believe it is now July and I have not posted anything in May and June! Here are some pictures from May… Our urban farm in progress The Bruce Lee from Prickly Ash Seasonal Sandwich from The Big Egg Falafel from Wolf & Bear’s I got a haircut at West Slope Salon A new […]

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Last Friday, a co-worker hosted a lunch time craft session. She brought all the materials and tools while we went to town with the glue dots. I discovered my creativity and we all had a great time! Look what I made 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next session…

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This Weekend

Hello spring sunshine! I made assorted cupcakes to celebrate the arrival of our friends Curtis and Jennifer’s little Blake. The flavors were cocoa almond (Trader Joe’s answer to Nutella), tiramisu, and strawberry jam. Our seed farm is looking good! Brunch last Sunday at Kenny and Zuke’s. Salmon hash with poached eggs. Mulder at a recent […]

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Chinatown Restaurant

Early farewell dinner for Ate Linda with Filipino friends at Chinatown Restaurant, my favorite place in Beaverton.

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Dallas Family and Friends

I had a wonderful time visiting family and friends and looking forward to my next visit. Here are some random pictures that I took with my Canon G12. I wanted to take my Nikon D90 but thought I would save space but maybe I should have. Somehow the G12 likes to use high ISO and […]

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It seems like January was a short month because the first week I only had to work for four days 🙂 I did mostly home organization projects and I even got to re-organize my area at work. It is an ongoing project but it feels good to start the new year off with a clean […]

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Winter Party

Our company “Holiday” Party was held last night at the Embassy Suites. Since it is now January, they decided to call it the Winter Party. We had a great time! Happy New Year to All. I am excited about 2012. Cheers! A co-worker took this photo of us. He used a Nikon D90 with a […]

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