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Seed Farm Status

We decided to keep the garden simple this year so we can enjoy other summer activities. This is what our seed farm looks like right now. In the next couple of weeks we will be buying plants from local nurseries. Mulder likes sunbathing when the sun is out The sun makes him happy. We don’t […]

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Late Harvest

Better late than never. This last week of sunny days were good for our tomato plants. Look what we got today! Also made Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs tonight. Recipe adapted loosely from the Food Network

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First Tomatoes of the Season

It is now September but if you are growing vegetables in the Pacific NW this summer, you know about the weather conditions we’ve had. While Marcel was staking the numerous (20+) tomato plants in our backyard, he found this cluster of tomatoes! These are “Big” cherry tomatoes from the seeds we saved from our CSA […]

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Oak Island Blackberries

It’s time for our annual blackberry hike. This year, we didn’t actually hike the whole Oak Island Nature Trail. It was a last minute decision and we didn’t even get there until 6pm. The mosquitoes were starting to come out so we went straight for the berries. The best bushes were around the waterfront where […]

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Look what we found! While tying up our “wild” tomato plants, we saw that one of our cucumber transplants survived. There is even one cucumber almost ready for harvest 🙂

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Chicken Enchiladas

When Marcel is in the mood for making dinner, I step aside and let him work his magic. He generally does not use recipes but whips something up based on what is available in our garden or refrigerator. This one is a classic and comes out a little bit different every time he makes them. […]

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Garden Update

It’s been a while since I posted a garden update. A lot of the melons and peppers did not survive the transplant so we need to re-think our seed starting strategy for next season. Fortunately, all our tomato plants are thriving. We did not have to buy any tomato plants this year. They were all […]

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Jam Session

Blueberry season is drawing to a close and I have yet to make a batch of jam. Fortunately, my friend Sokbun motivated me to have a jam session together. It was easier and more fun working together. Hopefully we can start with strawberries next year. We just followed the basic recipe in Ball Complete Book […]

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Spaghetti al Pomodoro e Funghi

Spaghetti with tomato sauce and mushrooms…but I like the fancy name better. A simple pasta dish is my ultimate (non-Asian) comfort food. This recipe was inspired by this tiny place in Venice that only had four small tables and no menu to speak of. The cooking area was even smaller than the average Manhattan apartment […]

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Today’s Harvest

More raspberries, a few more strawberries, and the first blueberries of the season. Peppers are not too far behind with the first green bell and an Anaheim pepper.

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