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Wonton Noodle Soup

After a nice long summer, we are now mostly enjoying the indoors here in the Pacific Northwest. Between home projects and work in the corporate world, cooking (and eating!) provides a nice diversion. This is my attempt to re-unite Marcel with his love of Asian food which faded when we ate rice and noodles everyday […]

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Web Updates

Check out the new¬†CALENDAR page! I will try to update it with all our activities and events. I’m excited about growing this site even though right now, there is nobody reading it. I also opened a shop at ETSY which is linked through the SHOP page. ‘Hopefully will have some stuff there soon. Finally, I […]

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New Header by Francis

Yesterday, I updated the header with one that is custom-designed by my brother Francis. I instantly loved it! It is simple yet creative as well as a good representation of what this website is all about. As always, comments are welcome.

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