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Imogen’s First Month

Our first month with Immy was challenging as expected but it was such a beautiful time getting to know her. It was very rewarding to see her grow day by day. Our days at the hospital were filled with chaos as nurses and doctors were checking on us around the clock. The good thing is they […]

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Last Friday, a co-worker hosted a lunch time craft session. She brought all the materials and tools while we went to town with the glue dots. I discovered my creativity and we all had a great time! Look what I made 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next session…

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It seems like January was a short month because the first week I only had to work for four days 🙂 I did mostly home organization projects and I even got to re-organize my area at work. It is an ongoing project but it feels good to start the new year off with a clean […]

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Winter Party

Our company “Holiday” Party was held last night at the Embassy Suites. Since it is now January, they decided to call it the Winter Party. We had a great time! Happy New Year to All. I am excited about 2012. Cheers! A co-worker took this photo of us. He used a Nikon D90 with a […]

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My Birthday

This year, I had two birthday events. On Wednesday we had a lunch get together at my workplace. The other was on Saturday with some friends. My co-workers organized a buffet lunch. The food was ordered from Lin’s China Jade in Beaverton. Here is everyone. On Saturday, we had dinner with friends at Piazza Italia. […]

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Christmas Activities

As usual, it has been busy at work this time of the year. Despite the busyness, we always take some time to celebrate Christmas. Since my job interfaces with pretty much every department in the company, I am always invited to all the activities 🙂 On Wednesday, we had a Christmas pot luck where I […]

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Cupcakes and Cookies at Work

Most workplaces are dominated by store-bought cookies, cakes with fake frosting, and greasy donuts. Mine on the other hand is full of homemade goodies that are pretty and delicious! This one was made by the wife of an executive in the company. A vanilla cupcake with coconut flakes and chocolate. One time she made some […]

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Moonstruck Chocolate

Yesterday I had to “go the extra mile” to complete a project at work. In appreciation, the Project Engineer gave me a chocolate bar. I just did my job but it was a nice gesture. The chocolate was very good.

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Christmas Week

I have been looking forward to having some time off since November and now finally it is here. I am now on day 6 of my 9 days of vacation but so far it is not what I hoped it would be. It snowed for most of the week which limited my options. I was […]

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Secret Santa

Update 12/19/08: I got a $10 Starbucks card in a cute little pouch from my Secret Santa.   Update 12/19/08: I won an 8GB iPod Nano at our Christmas Party at work 🙂 We are having a secret Santa gift exchange at work with a suggested cost of $5-$10. My general rule for gifts (except for family) is to give […]

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